Willowbrook Academy

Traditional Healing Arts

Welcome to the Willowbrook Academy of Traditional Healing Arts. We aim to provide professional training in a selection of traditional healing methods.

Although varied in style and origin all of our healing courses follow the idea that for a person to be fully healthy they must be balanced both physically, emotionally and spiritually. As any disharmony in this balance is shown to cause health issues.

We provide a selection of courses to suit a wide range of students ranging from existing practitioners looking top further their skills, to people with no qualifications who are just interested in the subject matter.


Traditional Healing Courses

Auricular Acupuncture for Pain Relief


Auricular Acupuncture for Pain Relief also known as the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol was created by Dr. Richard Niemtzow MD, a United States military Physician, to control pain on the battlefield when western pain medications were not advisable.

Facial Cupping and Gua Sha


Facial cupping uses small silicone cups with rounded edges to provide a gentle suction to the skin around the face and its underlying musculature. These special facial cups allow for a smooth sliding motion across the face without irritating the skin.

Tai Chi Classes


Tai Chi is an advanced system of movements, that depending how they are expressed can help to, promote a healthy body, focus and calm the mind, act as a form of self development, and even if wanted be a form of martial arts.

What's truly amazing about Tai Chi is that it can be practiced by a surprisinly large range of people. You can be young or old, fit or infirm, strong or weak, mobile or immobile. Anyone can effectively practice Tai Chi as at its heart it is the simple interplay between Yin and Yang, which we all experience inside ourselves every minute of every hour.

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