Academy and Lecturers

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Academy Aims

The Willowbrook Academy was set up to provide access to training in traditional healing arts.


  • Create well-rounded practitioners
  • Foster a spirit of learning
  • Provide practical, heart centred training
  • Provide training in Traditional Healing Arts

Potential Students

With our diverse range of courses, we are confident we will find a system to suit your own unique way of healing people.

We offer courses for:

  • Those new to the healing profession who need a little help starting up.
  • Existing therapists looking to add an extra string to their bow, to find new ways to help their clients.
  • Therapists who have stopped treating and are looking for a way to reconnect and start afresh.


Although varied in style and origin all our healing modalities follow the idea that for a person to be fully healthy they must be balanced both physically, emotionally and spiritually. As any disharmony in this balance is shown to cause health issues.


Within the academy, we aim to foster a spirit of learning within the student, in the hope that they acquire the same dedication to healing as our teachers.


We strive to create well-rounded practitioners that have embraced their own personal strengths and bring a unique flair to the system they have chosen to study.


Richard Whitfield

Richard teaches the Tuina, Massage and An Mo Fu courses at the academy.

When teaching Richard focusses on bringing out his students' personal strengths through the practice of their chosen style of massage.


Steve Rogers

Steve has studied and taught martial and healing arts for over 20 years with the aim of pursuing authentic classical styles, whilst preserving and propagating their benefits, keeping alive ancient wisdom and philosophy and making it relevant in a contemporary context.


John Payne

John Payne has been treating clients for almost eighteen years; originally in his country of origin, the UK, and then for an extended period of time in the USA.

In addition to running a private practice in the UK, John also worked with hospital pain management groups, AIDS Outreach and Oncology patients.


David Whitfield

David has taught Tai Chi and Qi Gong in a wide variety of settings and with varied groups, such as special needs centres; active age groups; arthritis sufferers; and within the prison system. He is particularly passionate about his work on self-care for those who, themselves, work in caring professions.

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