Gua sha Therapy

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Benefits of Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a useful therapy as it allows the therapist to:

  • Smooth Fascia
  • Remove Toxins
  • Break down adhesions

Another benefit is that the client can use this themselves at home to further improve the effectiveness of the treatment

What can Gua Sha Treat

Gua Sha is useful in the treatment of many types of injury usually related to pain and reduced movement, other issues include:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Pain Issues
  • Reduced Movement
  • Colds

Gua means to scrape and Sha refers to the red rash resultant from the scraping. Gua Sha is highly effective when treating muscle pain and stiffness as it breaks up muscle and fascial adhesions whilst increasing micro-circulation to the area.


The area of pain is first observed with gentle palpation followed by the application of a lubricant such as coconut oil or, in some cases, a herbal balm. Gua Sha tools are typically made from horn or jade. Horn tools are known to be energetically neutral, while jade tools are cooling and useful in moving deep stagnation.


Gua Sha technique can be used as a stand-alone treatment for hypertonic muscles in the shoulders and neck, tennis or golfer's elbow, IT band syndrome and others. It may be incorporated as part of a treatment plan for asthma, head cold, chest cold and digestive issues.


The Sha can look unsightly following a treatment but disappears after a day or two. Clients report that the reduction of pain and increased range of motion far outweigh any short-term cosmetic blemish.


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