Learn Tuina Massage

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Why Learn Tuina Massage

Tuina is the perfect choice of massage for both beginners and existing therapists because it is shown to be:

  • Fast and Effective
  • Versatile
  • Gentle on Therapist
  • Unique twofold approach

What can Tuina Massage Treat?

Tuina’s strength comes from its ability to treat both the physical and energetic systems within the body. This twofold approach is what makes Tuina so effective in treating:

  • General aches and pains
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Reduced Movement
  • Joint Pain

Course Content

This six-month practitioner course teaches you the basics of tuina therapy specialising in musculoskeletal issues.

  • Tuina Techniques
  • Energy Channels of the body
  • Palpation skills
  • Acupressure points
  • Protocols to treat Upper Limbs
  • Protocols to treat Lower Limbs
  • Protocols to treat Back and Hips
  • Protocols to treat Neck and Shoulders
  • Client Communication skills
  • Basic T.C.M. Theory

On successful completion of all 6 modules and required case studies. The student is deemed safe to practice Tuina Medical Massage and can receive insurance through Balens.


Tuina is a form of Chinese physical therapy that follows the theories found in traditional Chinese medicine. It uses a wide variety of hand techniques, stretches and mobilisations to restore the natural balance to the body.


Tuina’s strength comes from its ability to treat both the physical (muscles, tendons, and blood) and energetic (qi and meridians) systems within the body. This twofold approach is what makes tuina so effective.


The course is taught over six modules each consisting of three contact days a month. These three days are broken into a weekend for teaching techniques, protocols and theory. The extra day is designed for students to practice their skills under supervision and reinforce what they have learnt previously.


This is a very practical course and students will be practising on each other within the first hour.

The Practical aspect of the course is the main focus and includes:

  • Tuina Techniques
  • Treatment protocols
  • Learning to connect energetically with the client
  • Sensitivity to subtle energy practice

These are initially taught and practised on each other and then later students are encouraged to treat members of the public through case studies and the student clinic. This allows the students to see how the skills they learn can be applied in a real world setting.

The theory aspect of the course includes:

  • Basic T.C.M. theory
  • Channel theory
  • Acu-point theory
  • Tuina technique theory

Although the above is seen as the theory it is taught in a very hands-on manner to help the student truly understand what is being taught.

We encourage students to discuss both theory and practical elements of the course through email as we have found this greatly increases understanding.

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